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How to Monitor Your VCSA 6.5 Using PRTG

If you’re using VMware and in particular VCSA 6.5, this will teach you how to monitor your VCSA 6.5 using SNMP and PRTG Network Monitor.

PRTG Network Monitor for “Long Jobs”: A DIY BBQ Sensor Project

Since PRTG is running at my house 24/7, the question is 'what else can be included in the monitoring system in addition to my IT equipment (Fritzbox, different routers, switches)’. No summer is complete without a decent BBQ, and, for that ‘proper’ grilling experience, I use my 57” Weber Kettle and, of course, a water smoker for the so-called “long jobs” (ribs, pulled pork, etc.). In my case, a Smokey Mountain 57” from Weber.

[Podcast] The Geek and The Sales Guy #6: The Birthday One

In the 6th instalment of The Geek and the Sales Guy, our two likely lads celebrate the 20th anniversary of Paessler AG by incorporating some questionable musical interludes - all fully licensed of course!

20 Years of Paessler - Our Company History in Four Acts

20 years can be a shockingly long time. Take a look at our daily routine – of all the things that we do every day now, what was around 20 years ago? No smartphones or Facebook (people actually still read newspapers!), no streaming, and only a very, very slow internet connection. A lot has happened, and although we celebrate our proud, 20-year-old company’s anniversary this November, that doesn’t mean that the PRTG Network Monitor, for which the name Paessler is now known around the world, was also around 20 years ago. But let’s take things one at a time.

You Know When You’ve Found “The One”. Is it PRTG in the Cloud?

This is not yet another article on why the cloud is great and why you should move as much as you can to the cloud. Because that’s simply. Not. True.

The Periodic Table of Network Monitoring

We all remember how great we were in high school chemistry, of course. We know that Ah is the element of surprise, Mm is the atomic symbol for cookie and we can cool ourselves to -273.15 °C and still be 0K. But this doesn’t help very much in the world of computers and internet, does it? So our great team came up with a newly developed overview on how to illustrate the most relevant terms and terminology of system administration. Categorized in the groups:

PRTG Now Requires .NET 4.5 or Later

This is a special notice to all PRTG customers who use .NET sensors and who have not yet upgraded to .NET Framework 4.5 or later.  As of version 17.3.35, we will no longer support .NET 4. And, since Microsoft has discontinued support of the client profile in .NET 4.5, we also discontinue support of the client profile in PRTG.

PRTG plus Grafana FTW!

We love when PRTG users publish cool extensions for PRTG, and we’ve recently discovered a VERY cool one!  We’d like to send a huge “THANK YOU!” to Jason Lashua (alias neuralfraud on GitHub ), who has written a PRTG datasource for Grafana, so you can now visualize your PRTG data using powerful Grafana dashboards. And he’s even made it available for free on GitHub!

Build a Custom ADFS Authenticator Microservice With Lambda And Serverless

ADFS is a great service offered by Microsoft that one can use to authenticate users for a variety of services like AWS, Office 365, Azure and so on. But what if you have your own application and want to use ADFS Authorization? What if you want that application to be serverless?

PRTG Sensor Contest: And The First Winner is…

We are happy to announce the first winner of our PRTG Sensor Contest: Mark Lewis. He monitors the temperature of his son’s turtle habitat with PRTG Network Monitor. We particularly liked the name of the turtle too; “Flash”. He (maybe she) is approximately 1 1/2 years old and is an aquatic turtle (native to the US and Mexico). The goal of Mark’s monitoring is to make sure Flash can chill in a healthy, quality environment with steady temperature.

Monitoring Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi with PRTG: Total Insight into UniFi Environments

Ubiquiti Networks offers a range of wireless hardware and software for enterprise WiFi and operator WiMAX wireless data communication. In this article, we’ll explain how to monitor Ubiquiti’s UniFi WiFi systems using PRTG.

Microsoft Teams Monday: How To Use Wiki

One of the latest tabs added to MS Teams is “Wiki”. This new tab is intended to easily create Notes at the channel level where Team members can add not only static content but also mention other people by using @.

Using a KEMP LoadMaster as Reverse Proxy for PRTG: All the Config You Need

In our last article about monitoring a KEMP LoadMaster using PRTG we described the configuration of PRTG. Now we talk about the configuration of the KEMP LoadMaster itself. Before starting, please read the disclaimer, as this is about a sensitive part of your security.